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Thank you for choosing Daniels Photography to capture these incredible moments in your life. It is such a privilege to be a part of your family through photography. Your online gallery is available for you to view and share your session with friends and family. You can also order directly from the gallery or contact us to place your order.


The images in the galleries below are proofs and have not been retouched.  Your selected images for your order will be beautifully refinished to create photos that you will treasure for a lifetime and beyond.  Thank you again for trusting us with your precious memories!

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The Apothecary

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Created 28-Aug-15
Modified 28-Aug-15
The Apothecary

July 4th Fashion Shoot

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83 photos
July 4th Fashion Shoot

Trashin' Fashion Show

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111 photos
Created 23-Jul-13
Modified 23-Jul-13
Trashin' Fashion Show

Burchfield Family2

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17 photos
Burchfield Family2

Balzli Family

Visitors 17
60 photos
Balzli Family

Howland Family

Visitors 134
66 photos
Created 5-Nov-15
Modified 5-Nov-15
Howland Family

Nicholas Family

Visitors 10
57 photos
Nicholas Family

Giggleswick - MSU Feature

Visitors 11
36 photos
Created 21-Aug-15
Modified 21-Aug-15
Giggleswick - MSU Feature

Logan L

Visitors 23
62 photos
Logan L

Jessica T

Visitors 20
115 photos
Jessica T

Cash Family

Visitors 4
89 photos
Cash Family

Vika (maternity)

Visitors 18
26 photos
Vika (maternity)

Kavi 6 months old

Visitors 73
65 photos
Kavi 6 months old

Ricky and Rachel's wedding

Visitors 175
463 photos
Ricky and Rachel's wedding

Mamivand Wedding Day Photos

Visitors 25
86 photos
Created 7-Oct-12
Modified 7-Oct-12
Mamivand Wedding Day Photos

Oak Hill Bed and Breakfast

Visitors 9
65 photos
Created 29-Mar-15
Modified 29-Mar-15
Oak Hill Bed and Breakfast

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Real Estate

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Guestbook for Daniels Photography
Kathy Young(non-registered)
Laura is an amazing photographer! Everyone loved her! She took my bridal, engagement, and wedding pictures. She worked very hard and was always very professional. She had Nikki with her at the wedding who was amazing as well. She was SO nice and helpful. We loved her too. Thank you so much Laura! We couldn't have found a better photographer.
Finis Williams(non-registered)
The people in your advertisement are my cousins and yes you did that. So beautiful you caught every moment just as it was intended to be caught . Thanks for making their dreams come true.
Angela Edwards(non-registered)
Beautiful people, beautiful work!
The guestbook is empty.